Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Youth Catechism

The publication of the new youth Catechism by the Vatican is very exciting moment for the youth of our Church.  For those who struggle in reading the 1992 Catechism, from what I hear this will provide a simplified document that is understandable by all youth.  It is not only youth that should heed this new catechism.  As a catechist it is very exciting to have another resource to reach the youth of our age in their own language.  For those who struggle to reach the youth of today and educate them about doctrinal matters this will be an invaluable resource to aid them.  I look forward to march when the publication of this document is scheduled.  Attached is also an article by Pope Benedict XVI praising the new youth Catechism.

Pope promotes 'gripping' new Youth Catechism

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